MARILYN KIRSCH    Contemporary Abstract Painting and Photography 

About my Painting

My painting is non-representational. There may seem to be identifiable
subjects within a color field, but they are closer to apparitions than to
real objects or landscapes. My imagery floats between possibilities
as it emerges and then disappears. I use this ambiguity to explore how
meaning can be found where it was not intended.

When I paint, I try to balance my control of the medium with an allowance
for the accidental. Shifts of the image occur during the painting process and
become part of the finished piece. The tension between random acts
and carefully planned decisions is the subtext of the work.



About my Photography

The process of working with digital photography and digital photo-collage
is very different from painting, however each activity strongly influences the other.
For me there is an ongoing conversation between the two and there is no longer
a well defined separation between my painting and my work with photography.

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